Query Builder

Use the query builder to find and filter entities by building advanced filters for attributes listed in browser columns.

Recent filters are saved and can be quickly accessed by clicking .

Figure 1.

Interactively Build Queries

  1. To expose the interactive query builder, click the Expand/Collapse icon .
    By default, the name, id, and type attribute fields are exposed.
  2. Filter via name and/or id by typing a string into the text field and pressing Enter.
  3. Change the entity type by clicking on the type field and selecting a desired entity type.
  4. Apply your selection by clicking .
    An example of an interactively defined query is shown in the image below. In this example, four additional attribute fields were added.

    Figure 2.
  • To select multiple entity types, press and hold Control.
  • Add additional attribute fields by clicking . Remove attribute fields by clicking .

Manually Build Queries

Manually build queries by typing into the text field.
The manual query builder syntax follows this basic form: <attribute>:<search pattern>. Use AND, OR, <, >, operators to refine your search.

Figure 3.
The following table provides examples of query builder syntax and results.
Entering this string... Returns this result...
2 All entities that contain the number 2 in their ID.
"2" All entities with the ID 2.
shell All entities that contain shell in their name.
"shell" All entities with the name shell.
name: shall AND id: 2 All entities that contain shell in their name and 2 in their ID.
id:>10 AND id:<20 AND name:cent All entities that contain cent in their name and have an ID greater than 10 and less than 20.
1-4 All entities with the IDs 1, 2, 3, and 4.
type:comp AND id:1-4 All components with the IDs 1, 2, 3, and 4.