User Message Log

The user messaging functionality provides user-oriented messages related to the execution of user commands. The user messages can be errors, warnings, information, debugging and short messages.

This is specifically to log in all the user messages, appending one after the other, instead of the pop ups. All user messages will populate in the log window. The dialog opens at the right bottom corner of the screen by default.

The User Message Log has the following features:
Shows the type of user message.
Shows the user message details.
Shows from the source of user message/error and the associated feature or the functionality.
Flush all of the current errors from the log window.
User message check boxes
This allows you to control the type of user messages to be populated in the log window. Only the checked options will be populated.
Closes the dialog.
There are also five different types of user messages, which are handled in the NVH Director.
The failure conditions that demand your immediate attention.
The messages that warn you of a potential problem, but since it is not critical it does not prevent you from going further.
These messages inform you with some useful information which is neither a warning or an error.
These messages are mainly for the debugging purpose and build verification tests. These messages will not be shown to you. By default these massages will not be written down. But for writing these you need to turn on the preferences.
These messages tell the current status of any process and are shown in the status bar.