Stochastics Post Processing Tutorial

This section will walk you through the SnRD Stochastics Post Processing

Note: Copy the files created which were created in the rpt/nom_1 and rpt/sto_1 after Create Report steps from HyperStudy, to approaches/nom_1 and approaches/sto_1 respectively.
  1. After loading the model and CSV file, switch to DoE/Stochastics tab.
  2. Click HyperStudy Results Database radio button.
  3. Click against HyperStudy Results Database. A file browser window will appear.
  4. Browse and select the XML file generated from Export Variations Study step.
  5. Click Calculate .
    This will start the Compose 2020 in the background to perform the stochastics runs evaluation.
    Note: Since the number of runs is high, a considerable amount time will taken. Please do not interfere with process.
  6. Once the calculation is complete, a confirmation message will be displayed.

    Figure 1.

    Click OK to close the message.

    Note: To run the results processing for the secong time, you can use the SnR Database XML that was created during the calculation can be utlilized.
  7. Select the following options from the Selection lists -
    1. All from E-lines
    2. All from Line ID
    3. SnR Index from Results
  8. Select All radio button from Show Runs
  9. Select Value radio button from Vary Variable by
  10. Click All check button from Show Variables.
  11. Click Apply Filters
    This will filter all the runs in the Run Selection table

    Figure 2.

Run & Display Selection

  1. Click Display Results.
    This will plot the results for the all the filtered runs.
  2. Select the required runs from the Run Selection table.
  3. Click Display Selection. This will plot the results for the selected runs.
  4. Navigate through the pages of the session to view the results and plots.

    Figure 3.
This concludes the tutorial document. You are made familiar with all the options and features of SnRD - Pre and Post.