Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Controls

Default keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls.

Configure the default behavior for keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls by going to File > Preferences.

File Management

To do this Press
New model Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Import Ctrl + I
Save Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S


To do this Press
Open context sensitive help F1
Search tool Ctrl + F


To do this Press
Rotate Middle Mouse Drag

Arrow Keys

Set rotation center Ctrl + Middle Mouse Click on model
Reset rotation center Ctrl + Middle Mouse Click in space
Pan Right Mouse Drag

Left + Right Mouse Drag

Zoom Middle Mouse Scroll
Circle zoom Alt + Middle Mouse Draw

Z, then Left Mouse Draw

Fit (and fit selected) F
Go back to previous view B
Save a view Ctrl + Numeric Key (0-9)
Recall a view Numeric Key (0-9)


To do this Press
Show all of the current entity type A
Hide selection H
Isolate selection I
Reverse display R
Show adjacent entities to selection J


To do this Press
Delete Delete
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Perform an action
This is akin to clicking Apply on a guide bar.

Middle Mouse Click


To do this Press
Window select Left Mouse Drag
Append selection Ctrl + Left Mouse Click
Deselect Shift + Left Mouse Click
Select displayed Ctrl + A
Select all Ctrl + Shift + A
Select adjacent Ctrl + J
Select similar (based on type and config if applicable) Ctrl + M
Reverse selection Ctrl + R
Select elements By Face or By Edge Alt + Left Mouse Click
Adjust feature angle when selecting elements By Face or By Edge Alt + Scroll
Select nodes and lines By Path Alt + Left Mouse Click
Suspend snaps Alt
Clear selection Esc

Entity Selector

To do this Press
Set to lines L
Set to points/parts P
Set to solids/surfaces/systems S
Tip: For entity types that have the same first letter (solids, surfaces), continually press the keyboard shortcut to alternate between entity types.


To do this Press
Show selection A
Hide selection H
Isolate selection I
Delete Delete

(Post Browser only)


Common Across Tools

To do this Press
Cycle through secondary ribbon tools Ctrl + Tab
Cycle through guide bar selectors Tab
Exit a tool Esc

Right-click and mouse through the exit control

Double right-click