Split with Nodes

Use the Split: Nodes tool to split surfaces using ordered (node list/path) and non-ordered nodes selections.

  1. From the Geometry ribbon, click the Split > Nodes tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Optional: Select surfaces to split.
    Note: Target surface selection on the guide bar is optional if only two nodes are selected. If selecting a node list or node path with two or more nodes, you should select the target surface on the guide bar before selecting nodes.
  3. Activate the Nodes selector on the guide bar.
  4. Make your node selection according to the following table.
    Option Description
    Nodes Left-click on 2 nodes.
    Node List Left-click on individual nodes to create the desired path.
    Node Path
    1. Click on the guide bar to launch the advance selection menu and select by path.
    2. Left-click to create the path's start and end points. A preview of the path will be displayed.
  5. Click Split on the guide bar.