FEMAP Neutral File

This option is used to import models generated by the commercial CAD meshing program FEMAP. The models must be exported from FEMAP in the FEMAP neutral file format (.neu).

Figure 1. The IN - Include an external file (FEMAP neutral) dialog

This card supports all the parameters described in the general section of the IN card above.

The label selection uses the FEMAP layer numbers which are converted to Feko labels. Wires must be meshed into elements which are imported as segments, surfaces into triangles or quadrangles which are imported as Feko triangles, and boundary surfaces are imported as polygonal plates. The boundary surface must be bordered with line curves rather than edge curves.

The user can also elect to import points from the .neu file. All points defined as such in FEMAP are then available in PREFEKO as points (as if they were defined by DP cards) of the form Pxxx where xxx is the point ID in FEMAP. This may be used, for example, when attaching additional structures to a geometry partly created in FEMAP. In addition, the coordinate values of the point are available as variables in PREFEKO. For example, the variables #p1234x, #p1234y and #p1234z give the coordinates of the FEMAP point with ID 1234.
Note: That points are not included by default.

It should be remembered that it is not possible to specify a wire radius in FEMAP. Thus the wire radius must be specified by an IP card preceding the IN card. Similarly, when specifying the surface of a dielectric, the IN card must be preceded with the correct ME card (completely analogous to the case without FEMAP).

POSTFEKO should be used to verify the included geometry.