Edit and Modify Points in 2D Antenna Patterns

Move Points

Points can be moved after clicking with the left mouse button on a point and while the button is pressed, the mouse is moved to the new location of the point. After the button has released, the point is moved to this location.

During the mouse movement, the angle can either be limited to the sector between the two adjacent points or the point can be substituted with the neighboring one if the angle sector of the neighboring point is reached. The current setting is defined with the Limitation for Angle check box in the Settings dialog.

UNDO for movements is possible and is available in the menu Edit > Undo move point.

Insert New / Additional Points

Points can either be inserted graphically by clicking on the corresponding area in the display with the right mouse button or numerically in a dialog.

Delete Points

To delete a point it must be selected with the right mouse button by clicking on it. A context menu will appear and ask if the points should be deleted or not.