The program is based on the document / view architecture which separates program data from their representation. Different views are used to represent the different antenna patterns.

A document represents the entity that the user opens with the instruction Open from the menu File and stores with the instruction Save from the same menu. However, a view is assigned to a document and works between the document and the user as an interface. The view represents an image of the document on display and interprets the inputs of the user as processes for the document. The view also creates figures for printing and the preview.

This program is considered an MDI-application (multiple document interface). It means that several documents can be opened and each document appears in its child window. A new item of the document class is generated for each new document opened.

The main window presents the window framework, a header with the title and a menu and a symbol bar. It contains no views windows rather than it only frames the work area. The view window of the respective documents is displayed in the child window frameworks.

Figure 1. AMan: Documents and Views
  1. Main frame
  2. Symbol bar
  3. Status bar
  4. View window
  5. Child window