Working with 2x2D Antenna Patterns

If 2x2D antenna patterns are opened via the menu File > Open Antenna Pattern, AMan opens two documents / windows. One window displays the 2D horizontal view, and one window displays the 2D vertical view.

All operations for the 2D view can be applied to the documents. The antenna patterns can also be saved after the modifications.

But it must be mentioned, that each pattern (either vertical or horizontal) is saved separately in a file in the 2D antenna file format of WinProp.

2x2D antenna patterns can also be loaded and directly displayed as a 3D pattern.

In the File menu, the Convert MSI to 3D (for .msi and .pln) command loads the 2x2D pattern and compute the 2x2D to 3D interpolation. So the pattern will be displayed in the 3D view.