Specifying the Prediction Resolution and Height

Define the resolution grid for the result matrices as well as the height at which the prediction results are computed.

  1. Launch the Edit Project Parameters dialog using one of the following workflow:
    • On the Project menu, click Edit Project Parameters.
    • On the Project toolbar, click the Edit Project Parameters icon.
    • Press F3 to use the keyboard shortcut.
  2. Click the Simulation tab.
  3. Under Resolution of prediction results, in the Resolution field, enter a value of 0.05 m.
    The prediction result will be computed with a resolution (grid) of 0.05 m.
  4. Under Prediction Heights (relative to ground), in the Heights field, enter a value of 1 m.
    The prediction result will be computed at the height of 1m (this is the height of a desk or table with a Wi-Fi router).
  5. Under Additional Prediction Planes, select the Prediction Planes defined in database check box.

    Figure 1. The Edit Project Parameters dialog - Simulation tab.
Note: Keep the dialog open to define additional project parameters.