Specifying the Computation Method

Select the multi-wall model (COST 231) as the computation method.

  1. Click the Computation tab.
  2. Under Empirical Propagation Models, click Multi-Wall Model (COST 231).
  3. Under Computation of signal level along propagation path (valid for all propagation models), click Fresnel Coefficients....

    Figure 1. The Edit Project Parameters dialog - Computation tab.
    Note: We have imported an antenna pattern from Altair Feko with the complete angle-dependent polarization information (as opposed to a pattern that might only specify a dominant polarization direction and a cross-polarization level).

    To use this information in the interactions of the rays with the geometry, select Fresnel + GTD/UTD coefficients rather than empirical coefficients for transmission, reflection, and edge diffraction.

  4. Click OK to close the Edit Project Parameters dialog.