Script Variables

Collect user input that is used in the script to operate.

Similar to the application environment variable, script variables are defined on the task level and are therefore local. Their purpose is to collect user input which is used in the script to operate. For example, the script is creating a parametrized cuboid. The script needs the input of the dimensions from you. The script has the data names defined as depth1, height1 and width1.
-- Created geometry: cuboid "Cuboid1"
depth1  = os.getenv("depth1")
height1 = os.getenv("height1")
width1  = os.getenv("width1")
In Pulse, the data names are defined under the user properties of each task together with the GUI description. The author can define what name will be displayed to you as well as what type of input is required, such as text, numbers, file selection and checkboxes.

Figure 1.
At the run time of the task the GUI will be generated allowing you to input the requested information:

Figure 2.