Simulating the entire process.

Figure 1.
Allows running the simulation of the entire process.
Interrupts the simulation and can be re-initiated by clicking the run icon again.
Saving the session during a pause will save and reestablish the current state.
Resets the simulation.
By selecting individual tasks, the author can decide to run a single task, run the simulation until the selected task or run the simulation from the selected task towards the end.

Figure 2.
For each run of the same process Pulse creates a subdirectory in the working folder with the process name and an additional sub-folder with the results per run:

Figure 3.
Depending on how many runs are performed and how big the result files are disk space might become a concern. Setting the directory size limits the number of runs in the Preferences dialog and alerts you of the accumulating data.

Figure 4.
The message center logs the status of the simulation and detailed information on each task.

Figure 5.