Available Boundary Conditions for Analyses

A comparison chart showing the available boundary conditions for each analysis type.

An "X" indicates the boundary condition is available for the analysis type. An empty cell indicates it is not available.

Boundary Condition Structural Multi-loadcases Modal Dynamics Thermal
Immovable Constraint X   X    
Slider Constraint X   X    
Hinge Constraint X   X    
Spring Support X   X    
General Constraint     X    
Pressure X X   X  
Force/Displacement X     X  
Forces   X      
Gravity Load X        
Translational/Rotational Inertia X     X  
Inertia Relief X X      
Remote Load X X   X  
Thermal Load X        
Bearing Load X     X  
Hydrostatic Pressure X        
Distributed Mass X   X    
Volume Expansion/Shrinkage X        
Temperature         X
Surface Heat Flux         X
Thermal Convection         X
Volume Heat         X