Understand the Console Window

The console window is used to send messages concerning the normal, and sometimes unsuccessful, operation of AcuFieldView.

For Linux/Mac users, the console window refers to the window in which you started AcuFieldView by typing fv along with any appropriate command line arguments. For Windows users, the console window is a smaller window, separate from the main AcuFieldView interface. A great deal of information is typically printed here. However, these console window messages can often be very helpful in diagnosing problems. Some of these messages and their relevance are highlighted here. For instance, it is often useful to know the current working directory: Current working directory is /home/my_data/cases.

By default, AcuFieldView will remember your last current working directory, and this may be confusing if you have navigated to a different directory since your last session. This behavior can be over-ridden using either of the environment variables, FV_OLD_BROWSER_BEHAVIOR or FV_NO_PREFERENCES. Checking the console window helps to confirm which directory AcuFieldView considers to be current.

You may encounter difficulties when running for the first time with a basic server or parallel server. AcuFieldView will echo out all relevant information concerning the configuration of the server it is trying to run:
Reading dataset with Server: local
Server current working directory:
Server configuration file contents: ServerType: standard
AcuFieldView, by default, is configured to run with high performance graphics hardware. For a normal start-up, you should see some messages confirming the use of Frame Buffered Objects (FBOs):
FIELDVIEW using FBO rendering FBO usage: 7.03 MB = 640 x 480 x 6 x 4
On systems with lesser graphics capacity, you may need to set the environment variable, FV_RF_GRAPHICS. With this set, the FBO messages will be replaced by:
FIELDVIEW using FB rendering
Remote operation can be particularly difficult to understand, and problems are not always straightforward to diagnose. When running remotely, you should see something like:
Display is set to localhost:10.0
Remote rendering (-hrg) switch enabled
AcuFieldView is running on a remote display using accelerated rendering

These messages should help to confirm your expectations of what resources AcuFieldView is using to run.

The console window may help provide you with sufficient information to resolve problems encountered when running AcuFieldView. Additionally, the information will be helpful to our customer care team in getting you up and running again.