AcuFieldView is a dedicated CFD post-processor for AcuSolve, an OEM version of FieldView, and supports only AcuSolve results.

AcuFieldView can process both steady and transient data with flow animations, stream lines, boundary, coordinate and iso surface contours. It can also be used for 2D plots of a parameter and point probes for quantitative analysis of the data. You can integrate the parameters over a given surface and you can also define new variables of particular interest.

Loading Data

You can load AcuSolve data into AcuFieldView using AcuSolve .log files or using the .fv files created from AcuTrans.

AcuFieldView can directly read the AcuSolve .log files. Log files can be read by clicking File > Data Input > AcuSolve [Direct Reader]. AcuSolve .log files should be accompanied with the corresponding solution files in ACUSIM.DIR.

The results can be read into AcuFieldView using the .fv files. To create .fv files use the following command in the AcuSolve command prompt.
acuTrans –out –to fieldview

The above command creates .fv files, which does not require AcuSolve solution files of ACUSIM.DIR. Once the .fv files are created they can be read into AcuFieldView by clicking File > Data Input > AcuSolve [FV-UNS Export].