Move an edge geom set to a new model entity.


MoveGeomEdg( geom, model, new=False, geomList = None )


geom (string)
The edge geom set.
model (string)
The name of the model entity.
new (boolean)
Flag specifies whether to create a new geom set or use the old one.
geomList (list)
The edge geom list.

Return Value



  • The geom and model must not be None.
  • If new ='False' then the geom must already exist.


This routine moves an edge geom set to a new model entity. If new is False, it only works on geom set that is already in the edge model entities and only moves the geom from one model to another one. If new is True, then you have a new geom, hence it does not move but creates a new set for an edge model. For example,
edgeGeom = ROOT + RS + "Geom" + RS + "Edges"
geomChild = GetChildren( edgeGeom )
for child in geomChild:
      MoveGeomEdg( geom = child, model = "Edge_1", new = True, geomList = geomChild )