FBD Import/Export

The management of Free Body Diagrams (FBD) sections created in HyperView can be handled by means of their storage and retrieval through an ASCII file statement, allowing you to manipulate the definition of such items directly in the input/output process.

Once you have defined FBD sections in HyperView, you can invoke the Export dialog (shown below), where you can select which sections are to be exported.

From the Aerospace menu, select FBD > Export FBD Sections.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.
The export formats supported are:
  • XML
  • CSV

Once the section file has been created, it can be shared and re-used on models having the same topology or it can be modified to change the original section definition.

The Import option works accordingly supporting the same input file definition (.csv, .xml).

Figure 3.