HM-4605: Define LS-DYNA Model and Load Data, Controls, and Output

In this tutorial, you will: view LS-DYNA keywords in HyperMesh; understand part, material, and section creation and element organization; create sets and velocities; understand the relation of LS-DYNA entity type to HyperMesh element and load configurations; create nodal single point constraints and contacts with set segment ID; define output and termination; and export models to LS-DYNA formatted input files.

Before you begin, copy, and from <>/interfaces/lsdyna/ to your working directory.
The following tools/utilities set the foundation for setting up an LS-DYNA input deck with HyperMesh:
  • LS-DYNA FE input translator
  • FE output template
  • LS-DYNA Utility menu
  • LS-DYNA User Profile