Steps for Simulation

  1. Set the real time scale in the simulation setup of the model to 1. This indicates that one unit of Activate simulation time corresponds to 1 second.
  2. Connect the Arduino board to a USB port of the PC.
  3. Double-click on the ArduinoConfiguration block. The connected serial communication ports are listed. Use the port connected to the Arduino board.
  4. Open the file : <activate_installation>/hwx/databases/activate/system/Arduino/_bin/arduino.ino with the Arduino IDE.
  5. In the Arduino IDE, if the needed libraries are not yet installed, install them.
  6. In the Arduino IDE, compile the file arduino.ino and upload the sketch to the Arduino board.
  7. Return to Activate, then click the Run button. The simulation runs for 30 seconds.
  8. On the breadboard, click the button and observe how the LED turns on and off.