Electrical System Modeling

Learn about modeling electrical and electronic systems with Modelica and Spice.

Activate facilitates the modeling of electrical and electronic (circuits) systems through equations, Modelica blocks and Spice blocks. Models that include Spice blocks leverage the Altair HyperSpice solver during simulation.

Electrical Simulation with Modelica
Activate provides a variety of ideal components inside the Modelica Standard library for creating and simulating electrical circuits.

You can extend these components and combine them with Activate blocks to model complex systems that connect models from different domains as you can see in the following model.

Electrical Simulation with SPICE
Activate enables circuit modeling and simulation through a dedicated Spice custom block, Spice block library and HyperSpice high performance solver.

These features enable you to model highly complex electrical and electronic systems with accuracy and simulate them much faster than traditional methods.