Using the Real-time Dashboard

How to access the real-time dashboard, change the time ranges and apply filters.
  1. To open the preview release UI of the realtime dashboard page, replace pc with ac in the in the address bar. For example, if Control is available at the address to
  2. Click Manage. If multiple clusters are registered, they are listed in the Manage menu.
  3. Select a cluster from the list in the Manage menu.
  4. Click Dashboard to open the real-time dashboard.
  5. To change the time range for the dashboard select it from the toolbar at the top.

    Figure 1. Set Time Ranges
    To specify a time range choose:
    • Absolute time range: Specify the From and To time.
    • Relative time range: Specify any time range from Last 5 minutes to Last 7 days.
  6. Change the time zone by clicking Change time zone and selecting the relevant time zone for you.
  7. Apply filters to the dashboards to monitor the real-time data.

    Figure 2. Dashboard Filters
    To filter the dashboard choose:
    • filter by job owner : list of job owners is displayed.

    • filter by project: list of projects is displayed.

    • filter by queue: list of queues is displayed.
    • Group top 10 plot by job_owner, project and queue
    • For jobs in state: choose the state of the job.