Import ProMan Project File

Import a wave propagation or network planning project created with ProMan.

A wave propagation or network planning project which was created with the ProMan application can be imported into a CoMan project. This makes it possible to port site and transmitter definitions as well as some other settings specified in ProMan to a CoMan project. To import a ProMan Project File select File > Import > Project Data > ProMan Project File. Thereafter specify the file to be imported and the data to be considered. The following dialog shows the settings and parameters which can be imported from a ProMan Project File.

Figure 1. The Import Project Data dialog.
Prediction Settings
Prediction Area Definitions
If this option is enabled the border coordinates of the prediction area will be imported from the file.
Parameters of Prediction Models
Settings and parameters of prediction models, such as path loss exponents, can be imported optionally.
Object Settings
Nodes and Transceivers (Name and Position)
General node and transceiver parameters will be imported if this option is selected. This means state, locations and names of nodes and transceivers as well as antenna adjustments (type of antenna, azimuth, tilt pattern) will be imported. All other parameters will be set to their default values.
Radio Parameters
Further radio parameters of the transceivers can be imported optionally. If this option is enabled, transmit power, frequency and receiver noise figure of the transceivers are imported additionally.