Export Image File

Export result data to an image file.

Map data shown in the Project View can be saved to image files. The following file formats are supported:
  • .bmp
  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .gif (not 3D View)
  • .tif (not 3D View)
To export the content of the different views to image files select File > Export > Map Data > Image File. Subsequently a dialog will open where the export settings can be specified.

Figure 1. The Export to Image File dialog.
Specify a file name to store the image file(s). CoMan automatically suggests a default file name which is created using the path of the current result folder and the name of the current project. By default, the format of the image is bitmap. However this can be changed by selecting another file extension instead of .bmp.
The size of the image created from the 2D View can be specified either by defining a resolution or a scale factor. The default resolution is chosen to be the current resolution of the 2D View. The default scale is 1000, thus one meter in real world coordinates is scaled to round about one millimeter on the image.
The views to be saved to images can be selected in this section.

For the 2D View it is possible to save an additional geo reference file, which offers the possibility to reference the image using real world coordinates.

The content of the 3D View can be exported to an image file as well. However, the file formats are restricted to .bmp, .jpg, and .png.

Alternately, the current Legend View can be exported if it is available.