Mouse Controls

Mouse controls for model view manipulation and component selection in SimSolid

Default Settings

The default SimSolid mouse buttons are mapped as follows:
Mouse Control Description
3D-Rotate Click + drag Left mouse button
Zoom Mouse scroll wheel
2D-Pan Click + drag Right mouse button

Modeling Window Controls

The following mouse controls are used within the modeling window:
Mouse Control Description
Select individual entity Left mouse button
Select multiple entities Control + Left mouse button
Display entity context menu Right mouse button
Display global context menu Right-click in empty area of modeling window

Change Mouse Control Settings

Modify mouse controls from the default settings.

There are several CAD specific mouse controls available for the 3D-Rotate, Zoom, and 2D-Pan model view controls.

  1. In the menu bar, click Settings > Mouse Settings.
  2. In the dialog, use the drop-down menu to select desired mouse settings.
  3. Optional: Activate the Set as default checkbox to save settings for future sessions.
  4. Click OK.