Product Comparison

Comparison of functions available in SimSolid Standard and SimSolid Basic.

Simulation Types

  Standard Basic
Linear statics Yes Yes
Modal Yes Yes
Thermal Yes No
Coupled thermal-stress Yes No
Nonlinear statics Yes No
Linear dynamics (time, frequency, random response) Yes No
Fatigue Yes No

Assembly Connections

  Standard Basic
Bonded Yes Yes
Sliding Yes Yes
Separating contact with friction Yes No
Bolted Yes Yes
Virtual connectors Yes Yes
Spot welds Yes Yes
Laser welds Yes Yes
Fillet/seam welds Yes Yes
Adhesives Yes Yes

Command Line Execution

  Standard Basic
Installation Yes Yes
Invocation Yes Yes
Batch mode Yes No
Note: All other functions not listed are supported in both SimSolid Standard and SimSolid Basic.