Find Part Self Intersections

Identify parts that contain overlapping edges.

  1. In the Project Tree, click on the Assembly branch.
  2. In the Assembly workbench toolbar, click (Check geometry defects).
  3. Click the Find part self intersections tab.
  4. In the modeling window, select the parts of the model you want to check.
  5. Click Find.
    All part self intersection are identified. Parts with self-intersections are marked in red, sheets with thickness smaller or bigger than nominal are marked in orange, and parts with no defects are marked in green.
  6. Click Repair sheets to remove any self-intersections.
    Optionally, thick and thin areas can also be repaired to have uniform nominal thickness for the entire part. This process is iterative; you can repair sheets and rerun the Find and then Repair sheets options until all issues are resolved.
  7. Optional: You can click Undo repair to remove any repairs done by SimSolid.
  8. Click OK.