Add Fiber Orientation

Select a material with defined fiber properties for your model and run a detailed filling analysis to produce results that include fiber orientation tensors.

Define fiber properties for an existing material in the Materials Viewer and save it as a new material. Apply that material to your analysis.

  1. On the Analyze icon, click Run Analysis.

  2. On the Stages tab of the Run Analysis dialog, adjust the Speed/Accuracy slider to Detailed.
  3. Select the Filling and Add Fibers options.
  4. For Number of layers, enter 5 or more. The detailed solver requires a minimum of 5 mesh layers to initiate the fiber computations.
  5. Define other settings in the Run Analysis dialog as required for your analysis.
  6. Click Run.
  7. When the analysis is completed, select the run, Filling stage Fiber Orientation result type, and one of the following Fiber Orientation Tensors in the Analysis Explorer.
    • XX: red color contour displays tensor in the X-direction.
    • YY: red color contour displays tensor in the Y-direction.
    • ZZ: red color contour displays tensor in the Z-direction.
    • XY: displays tensor on the XY-plane.
    • YZ: displays tensor on the XZ-plane.
    • ZX: displays tensor on the ZX-plane.
    Example Result for Fiber Orientation Tensor XX:

  8. To further explore the tensors, select the options button: