Set Up and Run an Optimization

To run an optimization, select the Run Optimization tool, choose a run type and objective, and click Run.

Define a design space and create at least one load case with loads and supports.
  1. Click Run Optimization on the Optimize icon.

    The Run Optimization window opens.

  2. The Name of the run defaults to the name of the model, but you can enter an alternate name in the text entry field.
  3. Select what Type of optimization to run. (See optimization types.)
  4. Select an optimization Objective. The optimization objectives will change based on what was selected for the run type.
  5. Define optimization constraints. (The constraint options will change based on which Type and Objective you select.)
  6. Optional: Make selections for the remaining optimization options, including Speed/Accuracy, how to handle Contacts, and whether to include Gravity. Click the button next to each option to expand the section. If at any time you want to restore the default options, click Restore.
  7. If you have created multiple load cases, click the button next to Load Cases, select the checkbox next to each load case you want to optimize, and decide whether to enable Inertia Relief.

  8. Click the Run button to start the optimization. When the run completes, you are alerted by a flag that pops up over the Optimize icon. A green flag indicates the run was successful, while a red flag indicates the run failed.
  9. Click the green flag on the Optimize icon or double-click the name of the run in the Run Status window to view the optimization results.
  • The run Name is appended with several parameters to identify it, as well as a counter that is incremented each time you run an optimization on that particular part.
  • Once the optimization is complete, you can interactively view the results using the Shape Explorer.
  • You can save or delete runs using the right-click contact menu in the Shape Explorer or Model Browser.
  • If you don't want to wait for the run to finish, you can close the Run Status window and continue working. You can check on the status of a run at any time by clicking the Run Status tool on the Optimize icon.