Keychain Validator

Keychain validator compares the keychains in the cfg file with valid nanoFluidX keychains, when activated.

The keyword chain is formatted as key1.key2 for two level and key1.key2(#).key3 for three level keyword chains. Here, key1 is the highest level keyword, e.g. “phases'', key2 is the second level keyword, e.g. “phase'', key3 is the third level keyword, e.g. “type''. In three level keyword chains, the second level key is accompanied by a number in parentheses pointing to the order in second level keyword list. Keychain validator is context sensitive, e.g. phases.phase(2).rho_compr is printed as a warning for a non-FLUID phase 2. The warnings issued by keychain validator have the following form:
Warning: Unrecognized keyword chain: key1.key2.
Warning: Unrecognized keyword chain: key1.key2(#).key3

Receiving a warning may not necessarily point to a problem. Keychain validator is activated by setting the value of valKeychains keyword in simulationParameters to true. It is not active by default.