View Reports

Use the Reports tool to view the report definitions of associated analysis tasks.

Every analysis task in MotionView has an associated report definition. The report definition describes the plots, text tables, and animations that are created at the end of a run. Whenever a model is run, the name of the report is placed in a report list. Report lists display the last 50 analysis runs in reverse chronological order.

The reports log is in a file called .reports and its location is described in the preferences.mvw file with the *RegisterReportsLog() statement.

  1. From the Analysis menu, select View Reports.
    The View Reports dialog opens.
  2. Select a report.
  3. Under Mode, select whether to overlay a report on top of another, append a report, or replace old reports with new ones.
  4. Select overlay options.
  5. Click Apply.
    The report is appended, overlaid, or replaced.

    If a report definition already exists, a message is displayed with the following options:

    Overwrite Existing definitions are overwritten by new matching definitions, one at a time.
    Overwrite All All existing definitions are overwritten by the new matching definitions.
    Stop The operation is aborted.