Options Dialog - Check Model

The Check Model options allow you to select which information from the model file will be displayed when the Check Model tool is run.

To open this dialog, select Options from the Tools menu, and then click Check Model on the tree.

Figure 1. Options dialog – Check Model
Activate the check box next to one of the available options (listed below) to include this information in the Check Model dialog (which is displayed after the check of the model is completed). The information for each activated option will be displayed in its own tab.
Option Description
Check Model on opening Checks the model immediately upon opening a model. When this check is off, the model is not checked for errors upon opening.
General Model Information This option provides general information about the model. The information contains the count of each type of entity apart from the number of inactive system or analyses.

Figure 2.
Degrees of Freedom Provides degrees of freedom information. The total DOF is calculated by including all DOFs contributed by bodies and subtracting DOFs removed by constraints:

Model DOFs = DOFbodies - DOFconstraints

Refer to the DOF tables below for details on body and constraint DOF contribution.

Figure 3.
Note: The DOF calculation does not consider redundant constraints.
Files used by Model This option lists the reference files that the model uses for flex bodies, graphics and curves.
Suspect Data This option captures possible suspect data that could cause problems during solution. The suspect data could include:
  • Ratio between largest and smallest mass
  • Zero stiffness for SpringDamper
  • Free bodies
Use entity labels in messages With this option turned on, the messages posted in the message log will refer to MotionView entities by their label. Otherwise, the message will refer to the entities by the variable names.
Note: The Error Message and Warning Messages options are automatically displayed in the Message Log and will always be active, therefore these options have been disabled in this dialog.
Degree of Freedom Tables
Body Type Adds DOF
Rigid body 6
Point mass body 3
Flex body - CMS Number of active modes in the flex body
NLFE body 12 x number of points defining the NLFE body
Polybeam body 6 x number of points defining the Polybeam
Joints Type Removes Translation DOF Removes Rotation DOF Total DOF Removed
Atpoint 3 0 3
Inline 2 0 2
Inplane 1 0 1
Orientation 0 3 3
Parallel Axis 0 2 2
Perpendicular 0 1 1
Ball 3 0 3
Constant Velocity 3 1 4
Cylindrical 2 2 4
Fixed 3 3 6
Planar 1 2 3
Point to Curve 2 0 2
Revolute 3 2 5
Translational 2 3 5
Universal 3 1 4
Advanced Joints Type Removes Translation DOF Removes Rotation DOF Total DOF Removed
Point to Curve 2 0 2
Curve to Curve 1 2 3
Point to Surface 2 3 5
Curve to Surface 2 3 5
Surface to Surface 2 3 5
Point to Deformable Curve 1 3 4