Modify Objectives and Constraints

An Objective or Constraint can be modified after it has been added.
  1. Select an Objective type using the drop-down menu.
    • Min: The optimizer will try to minimize the chosen response by changing the given DVs during the optimization iterations.
    • Max: The optimizer will try to maximize the chosen response.
  2. You can also set a Weight for each of the objectives.
    An overall objective or cost function or objective function is the single value that is computed by considering various individual objectives and their respective weights. The optimizer tries to minimize this overall objective.
  3. The Optimizer is also required to satisfy all of the available constraints during the optimization process. The following types of Constraints are available:
    • Less than or equal to (≤)
    • Greater than or equal to (≥)
    • Equal to (=)
    • Between
    • Outside
    • Equal to (=) is a type of equality constraint and all other type of constraints are inequality constraints. For equality constraint, the value of the selected response must be equal to the specified value.
    • Between and Outside are actually a combination of two inequality constraints; in other words, a Less than or equal to (≤) and a Greater than or equal to (≥).
    • In a particular optimization iteration, if one or more constraints are not satisfied by the optimizer then that will result in an infeasible solution.