User Defined Keywords

User defined keywords can be used in the Altair Driver File (ADF).
  1. From the MotionView browser, select a Signal dimension data set in the Altair Driver Analysis.

    Figure 1.
    The panel is displayed.
  2. Expand the table by clicking on “…”, located under Value.

    Figure 2.
  3. Use entry 26 to 30 to define signal key and dimensions.

    Figure 3.
    Name Key
    Solver Variable ID ID of the solver variable of interest.
    Mass dimension

    Length dimension

    Time dimension

    Force dimension

    Angle dimension

    Exponents of the dimensions of the signal.


    Drive Torque has dimensions F1 L1

    Expected entries:

    Mass dimension: 0

    Length dimension: 1

    Time dimension: 0

    Force dimension: 1

    Angle dimension: 0