Sequence of Actions Performed for an N-Post Shaker Event

This section describes the sequence of actions performed by MotionView and MotionSolve when you run the event.


  • Converts any input signals that are accelerations to displacement signals and saves the signals to a CSV file saved in the same folder as the acceleration data file.
  • Deactivates the AutoTire systems.
  • Writes the model to the solver input file. The solver input file references the input signal files rather than containing the signals.


  • Performs a static simulation on the vehicle during which the vehicle’s longitudinal, lateral and yaw motions, the steering input, and each wheels’ spin rotation are locked.
  • Unlocks the input signal files.
  • Reads the input signal files.
  • Runs a dynamic simulation from time=0.0 to the end time, using Akima’s method to interpolate the input signals.
Note: If the input selected is Force/Moment and the ‘Add Wheel Reaction Forces’ option is checked, the reaction forces are evaluated on the tires and applied to the wheels.