Powertrain and Brake Systems for Altair Driver


Linear Torque Map Powertrain
Driver outputs required: Throttle

Compatible drivetrains: FWD, RWD, 4WD

Drive torque = Min. powertrain torque + (Normalized driver throttle output) *(Max powertrain torque - Min. powertrain torque)

Dataset can be used to enter the data required by the powertrain.

Figure 1.
Data Type Comment
Throttle scaling Real Max driver throttle output - Min driver throttle output
Max. powertrain torque Real Torque at drive joint at 100% throttle
Min. powertrain torque Real Torque at drive joint at 0% throttle
Transmission efficiency Real Output omega/Input omega of the drive train
IC Engine Friction Clutch Powertrain (Manual Transmission)
Powertrain that models IC Engine and friction clutch.

Driver Outputs Required: Throttle, Clutch, Gear

Compatible drivetrains: FWD, RWD

Drive torque is calculated based on the throttle map provided by the user in the pwr file. It also have features like rev limiter, anti-stall controller etc. Use IC Engine friction clutch manual for more details.


Disk Brakes
This system models the disk brake and applies an opposing torque on the wheel joints proportional to the driver brake output. Read the disk brakes documentation for more details.

Driver Outputs Required: Brake

Compatible drivetrains: FWD, RWD, 4WD