Coil Spring Adjuster

The coil spring adjuster can be used to adjust a coil spring rate and preload at a suspension position for a particular wheel load and suspension rate.

Required input

  • Vehicle end weight (N)
  • Suspension rate (N/mm)
  • Wheel center position (mm)
  • Wheel error tolerance (N)
  • Rate error tolerance (N/mm)

Task Description

The suspension is moved to the specified wheel center position initially. The actual wheel load and suspension rate is calculated at the specified wheel position. If the suspension rate and wheel load is not within the error tolerance specified, the spring rate (K) and the free length (L) of the coil spring (SPRINGDAMPER) is adjusted till the desired suspension rate and wheel load constraints are satisfied.


The adjusted spring rate and free length is written to the end of the message (.msg) file.