Closed Loop Controllers

Closed-loop controllers use vehicle responses (for example, speed, position, yaw rate, etc.) as feedback to determine the vehicle inputs needed to match a desired vehicle response, such as following a demand lean profile (for two wheelers) or a path.

Closed loop controllers typically compute the error between a desired response and the actual vehicle response and use the error to calculate the vehicle inputs. Each vehicle input (driver output) can employ one or more closed loop controllers during a maneuver.

Use Cases

  • Follow a path
  • Follow a velocity/acceleration profile
  • Follow a racing line for multiple laps
The following closed loop controllers are currently available:
Throttle and Brake Controllers
  • Feedforward Traction Controller
  • Feedback Traction Controller - PID Controller
Steering Controllers
  • Feedforward Steering Controller - Cars & Trucks
  • Feedforward Steering Controller - PID Controller
  • Lean Angle Profile Controller
Gear and Clutch Controllers
  • Engine Speed Controller
Additional Controllers
  • Feedback Controller