CDTire Modeling

Altair HyperWorks integrates the Comfort and Durability family of tire models - CDTire - from Fraunhofer ITWM. As the name implies CDTire focuses on comfort and durability applications, however it also allows for handling analysis as well.

CDTire offers three basic tire models:
A tire model featuring a 900 dof flexible belt model, a 1200 dof sidewalls model, and a brush contract model.
A hard real time capable model featuring a 150 dof flexible belt model with a local viscoelastic sidewall model, and a brush contact model.
A hard-real time capable model based on the MF 5.2 / Pacejka 2002 empirical model coupled with CDTire/Thermal.
For more information see the CD-Tire User Manual.
Note: Before you use CDTire you must purchase a license. Contact your Altair Sales representative for more information.

To use CDTire with your MotionView model, add an AutoTire entity from the MBD-Vehicle Dynamics Tools to your model. See Accessing Auto Entities in MotionView and AutoTire - Auto Entity for more information. Once you have added an AutoTire, select a CDTire property file. You can find example property files in the Altair HyperWorks installation here: