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Toolbars contain groups of icon buttons used to perform the most common tasks.  Each toolbar can be docked to any of the toolbar locations.  Toolbars can also be undocked or free-floating anyway in the application window.



Turning Toolbars On and Off

Toolbars can be turned on or off from the View menu.  Check marks indicate the status of each toolbar, checked for on and unchecked for off.  Clicking an item in the Toolbars sub-menu toggles the state between "on" and "off".


Docking Toolbars

Toolbars can be moved and "docked" to any of several possible locations inside the HyperForm environment.

Each toolbar has a toolbar handle; this is used to drag a toolbar on (docked) or off (undocked) a toolbar area.  The available toolbar areas in the HyperForm frameworks are shown in the User Interface section.  Within each of these areas a toolbar can be docked or undocked.


To move and re-dock a toolbar in a toolbar area:

1.Move the curser over the toolbar handle:


the mouse pointer changes to a Move_icon to indicate that you are over the toolbar handle.

2.Left click and drag the toolbar, either within or completely off of a toolbar area.
3.Release the mouse button once the mouse pointer is in the desired new toolbar location.

In order for a toolbar to be docked, it must be "dropped" over a valid toolbar area.  To dock a toolbar on a toolbar area that is currently collapsed (i.e. there are no toolbars currently shown in that area) simply release the mouse button where the toolbar area would be if it were expanded.


You can also drop a toolbar onto a non-toolbar area.  In this case, the toolbar becomes a separate window unto itself:  This gives you mode flexibility as to where to place the toolbar, and you can quickly turn the toolbar off by "closing" the window instead of using the View menu.  This window can be moved just like any other.  To re-integrate it into the HyperForm environment, drag-and-drop the toolbar handle (not the window's title bar) into a valid toolbar area.
See Display Controls for more information about the viewing options available on the toolbar.

You can use keyboard hot keys to access the same viewing options.  See Keyboard for more information.




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