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Graphical User Interface

Graphical User Interface

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Graphical User Interface

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The following figure shows you the the main components of the GUI:


The following table provides a description for each component in the GUI:



Title bar

Located at the top of the window, this displays the current HyperForm version.  It also displays the path and name of the file currently open in the active session.

A current file is determined with the following rules:
The last file retrieved or saved in the active session
FE or CAD import does not affect the current file
New .hm model clears the current file
If no .hm model is retrieved or saved in the active session the current file field is empty

Menu bar

Located just under the title bar.  Like the menu bar in many graphical user interface applications, these menus "drop down" a list of options when clicked.  Use the menu bar to access HyperForm panels and functionality in a process based manner working left to right across the menu bar.


Toolbars contain groups of icon buttons used to perform the most common tasks.  Each toolbar can be docked to any of the indicated toolbar locations.  Toolbars can also be undocked or free-floating anyway in the application window.

Graphics area

Located in the center of the application window, this area is where the model displays.

Tab area

Located on the left, right, or both sides of the graphics area, the tabbed areas display the Utility menu, all browsers, and tabbed dialogs.

Tab areas can be toggled on or off by use of the View menu.
Individual browsers can be shown or hidden from the tab area by selecting the specific browser from the View menu.
You can click-and-drag on the tab of the browsers and tabbed dialogs to move them between the left and right tab area.

Panels area

The panel area includes the panels and the command window.  The panel area is configurable from the View menu and can be positioned on the top or the bottom of the graphics area.

Command window

As an alternative to using GUI commands, you can execute Tcl/Tk commands from View > Command Window.

Status bar

Located at the bottom of the application window, the status bar displays various model status information.

Current Include
Load Collector

The status bar includes fields that display the current Include, Component, and Load Collector. To change values in a field, click the field and then enter a new value.




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