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HyperForm panels allow you to perform specific tasks by selecting options and entering variable data.  Each panel has a unique title that describes the main function of the panel.  Some panels contain several functions that perform similar tasks.  Panels with multiple functions have subpanels that display only those menu items that are relevant to the current operation.

The panel menu can be hidden to expand the size of the graphics area. To display/hide the panel menu, click "m" on the keyboard, or select Panels from the View menu.

To select a panel, locate and click the panel button on the main page.

Note:To display a brief description of the function of a panel in the status bar, hold the mouse button down while the cursor is over the panel name.  Release the mouse button to access the panel.

Each panel contains input controls that allow you to enter necessary information for the procedures you wish to perform.


Once a panel is active, press the "H" key or select the Help pull down menu to display the help topic for the current panel.  A description of the panel as well as instructions on how to use it display

If you press a function button and the data is incorrect or required information is missing, a message is displayed stating the error.

You can also use the middle mouse click to advance through input collectors (yellow) or entry fields and then proceed to a function (green) or return (red).  This behavior is called rapid menu.  Using the middle mouse button allows you to make the required selections in the graphics region, advance to the next selection, and continue selecting or complete the operation, thus reducing mouse movement

You can press the ESC key or click return to exit a panel.  Returning out of a panel means accepting what was performed on the model while using the panel.  This cannot be rejected once the panel is exited.




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