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Process-Driven Utility Menus

Process-Driven Utility Menus

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Process-Driven Utility Menus

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The HyperForm Utility Menu is located on the left or right side of the graphics region on the Utility tab (you can customize the location of the Utility tab; see Tab Area for more information). This menu is process driven and has several sets, depending on the intended simulation type. The active user profile determines which macro menu appears on the Utility tab.

The possible HyperForm macro menus are RADIOSS One Step, Incremental_RADIOSS, Incremental-Dyna, and Die Module, which correspond to One-step, incremental forming for RADIOSS, incremental forming for LS-DYNA, and die design simulations, respectively. Under Incremental_RADIOSS, there are several application categories depending on whether you want to set up a single or multi-stage forming analysis, a trimming, coarsening, springback, or gravity analysis. Similarly, the Die Module macro is customized to show macros related a particular design type.

Each menu set is divided into groups such as Model, Setup and Results and contains a variety of macros that can be categorized as tools or shortcuts. Tools allow you to perform functions quickly that would normally take several steps. Shortcuts take you to a specific panel and subpanel and pre-select specific toggles.

Below is a brief description of the buttons on the Utility menu. A detailed description of the panels that are accessed through shortcuts is also available in the HyperForm panels section of the online help.




Die Module







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