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Diagnostics Submenu

Diagnostics Submenu

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Diagnostics Submenu

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The Diagnostics submenu contains the following macros:






Convert Comp Cards

Converts component card images into property cards and assigns them to the elements in that component. This conversion is provided for backward compatibility.

Overlapping Elements

Checks for overlapping elements in the model.

Mesh Match Ratio

Computes the mesh match ratio.

Occurrence Number

Creates a contour plot of the model’s occurrence number.

Mesh Thickness

Creates a contour plot of element thickness

Aspect Ratio

Creates a contour plot of aspect ratio of elements. This calculation is computed using the Moldflow formula.

Check Element Property

This macro identifies elements that have a missing property card. It reports the number of such elements and also highlights those elements.


Opens the Model Information dialog, which lists statistics about the current model, including part volume and the projected area in the XY plane.



Split BC Tets

Splits the Tet4 elements on the boundaries that have more than one face on the boundary condition.

Organize Elements

Opens the Organize Elements dialog, from which you can organize elements based on thickness or element type.


Opens the main Moldflow Utility menu.


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