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Data Conversion

Data Conversion

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Data Conversion

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There is a significant difference between the Moldflow interface in HyperMesh 6.0 and more recent versions, especially in the way in which thickness data is handled. In 6.0, data was stored in the card images of component collectors. This strategy resulted in a large number of collectors. In order to be in line with Moldflow, in 7.0 and later versions, properties are stored in property cards and they are assigned to elements. Therefore, elements residing in a same component collector can have varying properties. This becomes quite important for parts with varying thickness or a feed system with taper.


Click Convert Comp Cards to determine whether the model is midplane or fusion. Property cards are created based on the component card image and assigned to the elements in that collector. Because information about whether the model is midplane or fusion is not stored in the 6.0 database, this input is required. In the 7.0 and later version databases, there are separate cards for midplane and fusion.

You must perform this data conversion, even when importing MPI 2.0 data.


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