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Create/Edit Runner

Create/Edit Runner

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Create/Edit Runner

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This utility allows you to create a runner system. A 1D mesh with element type of Runner is necessary to create the runner system. The selected elements are moved to component collectors ColdRunner or HotRunner, depending on the type of runner selected. Properties are created with names such as ColdRunner, ColdRunner.1 and so on.

After clicking Create Runner, the following dialog appears.


If the Taper field is set as Yes, then fields to specify the dimensions at the start and end appear, as shown below. Also the start node has to be selected that specifies the beginning of the taper.


The cross sections supported are shown below.


When you click Edit Runner, a selector for elements appears. After selecting element(s), the property of that element(s) is displayed. You can specify the parameters again to change the runner dimensions.



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