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Applying Materials to the Parts

Applying Materials to the Parts

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Applying Materials to the Parts

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Assigning materials and material properties to the parts of your simulation can be done quickly through the Utility menu. Begin by creating materials using the Material macro. Then set up the flow stress data for the material with the Flow Stress macro. Finally, apply the material to a specific component of the simulation with the Comps macro.


How Do I…

expand-green-10Define a material's flow stress data
1.In the Setup group of the Forging Utility menu, click Flow Stress. The Materials flow stress data dialog appears.
2.Specify parameters in the fields in the Materials Flow Stress Data dialog.
3.Click Apply.
4.Click Close.


expand-green-10Define a material type for a part
1.In the Setup group of the Utility menu, click Materials. The Collectors panel opens.
2.Select the update subpanel.
3.Use the collector type: switch to choose comps.
4.Click the comps input collector and then select the check box next to the component that represents the workpiece. This is the component to which you will apply a material selection.
5.Click select. You will return to the Collectors panel with the workpiece collector active.
6.Click material and then select the material type you want to apply to the workpiece.
7.Click return on the update subpanel of the Collectors panel.




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