Undo and redo actions performed in HyperView.

HyperView supports undo and redo of actions performed via the browser or the panels.
Note: Not all the actions performed in HyperView can be undone or redone. See below for a list of supported actions.
The Undo and Redo buttons are available in the browser next to the Global Display Tools.

Figure 1.
As supported actions are performed, these actions are captured in the undo stack. The stack of actions available for undo can be viewed by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the Undo button.

Figure 2.
By default, the number of undo actions is set to 100. You can modify this value in Preferences > Options > Performance > Undo-Redo.

Figure 3.
Note: See the Performance topic for additional information.
Once an action or set of actions are undone, these are moved to the redo stack. Similarly, there redo actions can be viewed by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the Redo button.

Figure 4.
  • Undo an action by clicking from the Undo-Redo toolbar, or pressing Ctrl+Z.
  • Redo an action by clicking from the Undo-Redo toolbar, or pressing Ctrl+Y.
Tip: Simultaneous actions can be undone/redone by selecting them from the Undo/Redo drop-down menus on the Undo-Redo toolbar.

Figure 5.

Supported Undo-Redo Actions

Undo-redo is implemented primarily to support actions related to changing the visibility or other attributes of the following entities:
  • Components, Systems, Assemblies, Includes, Parts, Model files, Materials and Properties.
It is meant as a powerful alternative to the Restore and Reject buttons in the Entity Attributes panel and it is strongly recommended to use this feature and the browser for such operations instead of the panel.
Note: The supported action itself could be performed via the browser or through any of the panels or toolbars that control visibility and entity style (for example: Entity Attributes panel, Mask panel, Visibility Controls toolbar) and it will get recorded in the undo-redo stack in the browser.

Known Limitations

  • Not all actions can be undone or redone.
    • For example, creation and deletion of any entities such as notes is not recorded at this time. This will be addressed in a future release.
  • Undo/Redo of Apply style operation does not dynamically update the visibility and FE style of the components in the browser.
  • There are a few cases where an action could get recorded as more than one operation in the undo stack. In such cases, you might have to click on undo/redo several times to completely reverse the action.