The Create option allows you to quickly perform a variety of actions (for example, create a section cut) or provides you with quick access to various dialogs.

The list of available options is contingent on certain conditions. For example, Cached Result will only appear when a contour plot supporting caching is present.
You can access the context menu by right-clicking within the HyperView modeling window and selecting Create > "option".
Derived Load Case
Create a Steps, Linear-Superposition, or Envelope derived load case.
Derived Result
Add user-defined data types to a result using the Expression Builder dialog. The Expression Builder will automatically launch and initialize the data type in the results browser selected (by right-clicking on it).
Cached Result
Create an internal cache for applied contour results. See Cache Results for additional information.
Image Plane
Create a 2D or 3D image plane.
Create a measure.
Create a note.
Plot Style
Create a plot style (based on a predefinition of the settings applied on a plot). This option will only appear if a contour, vector, or tensor plot has been applied to the model.
Section Cut
Create a planar or spherical section cut.
Create a set.
Create a rake/streamline.
Displays a dialog which allows you to create a user defined system. See the User Defined Coordinate Systems topic for additional information.
Tracking System
Create a tracking system.
Create/save an unlimited number of views.