Active Model

The Active Model feature allows you to cut, copy, or paste the active model into another window.

You can access the context menu by right-clicking within the HyperView modeling window and selecting one of the available options from the Active Model menu.
Note: For the right-click option to work, you must set your right mouse button to the Context Menu option. You can do this by selecting the Mouse tab from the Preferences >> Options dialog.

Figure 1. Active Model extended context menu
The Cut model option is a one time only action which will not take effect until the Paste model action is completed in a different window. The Copy model option copies the active model and its attributes to a buffer, which then allows the copied contents to be pasted into multiple windows. If the target window already has a model loaded, the cut/copy contents will be overlaid with the existing model.
Tip: You can also use keyboard shortcuts to cut (Ctrl+X), copy (Ctrl+C), or paste (Ctrl+V) the active model in the modeling window.